Pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/2023 and Legislative Decree 231/2001, companies are required to establish a channel for "whistleblowing" reports in order to investigate wrongdoing. Whistleblowing reports are made by employees or external persons who have come across situations, facts or circumstances that reasonably suggest that an irregularity or illegal act has taken place.


What types of misconduct can be filed?

  • administrative, accounting, civil or criminal misconduct;
  • illegal conduct as defined in Legislative Decree 231/2001 or violations of the organizational and administrative models provided therein;
  • acts or omissions affecting the financial interests of the Rabensteiner;
  • possible other issues will not be considered or will be referred to in-house competent departments.


How to submit a report?

  • The report should be sent by postal mail to the Rabensteiner company:
    Rabensteiner Srl
    to Avv. Kofler
    Julius-Durst-Str. 88
    I – 39042 Bressanone
  • To ensure confidentiality, the report must be sealed in a second envelope marked "Report Whistleblowing". The following information should be included in the report:
    – What is your name / surname? Incl. contact details e.g. email address/ postal address / telephone number.
    – What is your relationship to the company (employee / supplier / customer ecc.)?
    – What is your report about? (Attention, it must be an obvious misconduct / irregularity)
    – What happened? - Where did it happen?
    – When did the misconduct occur?
    – What was your conduct/procedure? (Had they already informed anyone regarding this? Has the incident already been reported elsewhere?)
    – Do you have any documents/further information to support the incident? Please attach.


Evaluation of the report

  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt directly from AVV. Kofler within 7 days of receiving the report.
  • Within 90 days, you will receive a notification providing an initial explanation of your report.
  • If it is determined that the whistleblowing report is not substantiated or was sent purely in bad faith, the report will be forwarded to appropriate in-house departments.
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