Interview with
Othmar Stedile,
Chief Designer

Othmar “Otti” Stedile started out as a design engineer at Rabensteiner in 1997, straight after leaving school. Now, he's Chief Designer and works in the Research and Development department. On his 25th anniversary, he answered our questions and let us in on an inside story.

A Rabensteiner for 25 years, what drives you?

I always see potential for improvement, I'm simply curious. Whether that's because of the positive atmosphere at Rabensteiner, the enormous scope for creativity or the development prospects, I can't really say – in any case, I'm as enthusiastic and motivated as I was on my first day at Rabensteiner.

As Chief Designer, what do you pass on to your protégés as they go through their training?

I know from experience that you should always get to the heart of things. If you are really interested in something, stay with it and keep learning. There is always a solution!

Otti, in 25 years at Rabensteiner, you must surely have had one or two sticky moments, tell me!

Well many, many years ago, (laughs) when I first started at Rabensteiner, the fitter called me, sounding pleased, and said: “So, the project went well. I've just fitted the final panels and am about to head off!” But something seemed to be bothering him: “Tell me Otti, that's one odd customer isn't it. Such a beautiful façade all the way around. But why did he leave the entire left side of the building open at the back? Do you know what he's planning to do?” At that very moment, my heart sank and I dropped the phone! I knew very well that it was not the customer who had flamboyant taste – I had omitted to design an entire wall!

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