The Wind Is Changing!

Dear readers,

What sounds like a lot of emotional appeal describes a natural process that has been going on since time immemorial. The wind is changing. Indeed, it can cause storms and a great deal of upset.

The climate, the economy, production conditions, the situation on the labor market and purchasing behavior. Everything is in a state of flux. We cannot stop the wind or turn the tide. But we can learn how to ride the waves. While the wind may force us to change course, new opportunities may well be on the horizon. It is more important than ever before to know and listen to your customers. Only then can you respond to their needs and wants. Attract attention and, most importantly, create opportunities for identification. In stormy times, provide a safe haven where world events can be left behind for a few hours.

Do you know who LoHaS customers are?

Never heard of them? You should have, because they are everywhere. They are your customers and your employees. I am even inclined to say that each and every one of us is potentially a LoHaS.

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