Gartenwelt Dauchenbeck in a New Guise at Its Headquarters

Gartenwelt Dauchenbeck started out over 20 years ago with the construction of a garden center to complement an existing production facility.

Over the course of time, the extremely successful business development has been optimized by various conversions and extensions and adapted to the changing space requirements. The complete redesign of the exterior façade in the style of the new building in Stein near Nuremberg, which opened in 2018, concludes the development for the time being. Central elements of the façade design in Stein were adopted to ensure that ultimately, the two locations had a contemporary and uniform CD (corporate design). The different buildings in Atzenhof, 

which emerged as a result of extensions, are now seen as an attractive uniform structure thanks to the consistent facade design. Skillfully accommodating the shopping carts and upgrading the existing building in terms of its energy usage were integral to the conversion. Carrying out the work during ongoing operation presented challenges to all those involved. The effective cooperation, however, helped overcome those hurdles The before and after images speak for themselves! The success story can go on.

Fast Facts

Fall 2022

Project size:
800 m² facade conversion

The entrance in the new corporate design

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