13.000 m² of Shopping Delight

The Intratuin Ostmann garden center in Oldenburg is one of Germany’s biggest and is the first in the latest generation of XXL garden centers – a true paradise for shoppers.

In addition to its wide range of plants, the garden center offers customers a farmer’s market, a café with a unique view over the courtyard garden, eyecatching promotional areas and seminar rooms forworkshops. The star of this innovative garden center is its extraordinary courtyard garden. Its impressive atrium provides an open retail area, while the courtyard in the middle of the greenhouses offers plenty of space for  events and gatherings. 

The whole route through the center is planned around the courtyard, with doors and gateways giving customers access to the area at any time. The cool section can be seamlessly connected with the outside area by opening enormous gates. It’s a smart way of combining the separate areas into one when the weather is nice. The extensive rooftops require special solutions for rainwater management. At the Ostmann Oldenburg garden center, a sustainable and eco-friendly Vacuum Drainage System is combined with Rabensteiner thermal gutters for an extremely effective and efficient drainage solution.

Fast Facts

March 2021

Project size:
9,800 m²

2,000 m² courtyard garden


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