The greenhouse of Rabensteiner, Italy

several types. thousands of possibilities.

Our system lets you design an almost infinite number of greenhouses from a few basic types. Custom-built to ensure your commercial success.

Our architects and engineers find the best solution for every challenge. Our skill lies not just in constructing traditional greenhouses; we also develop and construct individual designs. As prestigious manufacturers of Venlo and widespan greenhouses, we understand how to combine traditional, continuous ridge ventilation with modern Cabrio open roof solutions. There are also no limits in terms of roofing areas: from 4 mm single glazing to triple-glazed insulation glass, from a gutter made from galvanised steel through closed aluminium gutters to highly insulated thermo gutters and much, much more.

Again and again our innovative ideas result in special developments.

The widespan construction with open roof capacity


The widespan construction has continuous ridge ventilation on both sides as a base and allows for a high air buffer above the plants. It looks spacious with its open roof capacity and creates a pleasant feeling of space. Its design also allows for the products to be presented ideally. This type of greenhouse is very versatile in the roofing materials sector.

Greenhouse with Cabrio construction


The Cabrio construction allows for the roof to be fully opened, allowing for 85-95% ventilation. Despite this, strong wind, rain or snow do not have any influence on the greenhouse climate. There are various systems for opening the roof halves.

Venlo greenhouse, greenhouses with a canopy construction


Greenhouses with a canopy construction are hugely important in greenhouse construction and are called Venlo greenhouses. The advantage of this construction method is the low roof height. A large air space, which is achieved by correspondingly high standing wall heights and lightweight construction that enables a high incidence of light, have a positive effect on the cultures. This greenhouse construction is mainly known from classic greenhouse construction production. However, the Venlo construction method is becoming more and more popular for retail facilities or garden centres.

Greenhouses with photovoltaic system

Inclusive of energy efficiency

Greenhouses with photovoltaic system

We have developed our own TÜV-certified profile system, which makes it possible to install PV laminates instead of glass, or to use framed inserts on the roof. The obscured surfaces are ideally suitable for workshops, but can also be used to grow special plants.

Rooftop greenhouses

Urbanisation and neo-ecology

Rooftop greenhouses

More people worldwide live in cities rather than outside them for the first time since the beginning of the 21st century. Cities are becoming more densely populated and are building higher again to meet the demand for more office and living space. Roof greenhouses create a visible added value for the city without taking up any additional land: food can be produced and marketed close to consumers (urban farming) and they serve as a place to meet and chat. The waste heat from the building and the grey and black water can be reused on the roof. In contrast, the excess energy from the roof is fed into the building. This closes the cycle.

Solar drying

Ideal support for sludge recycling

Greenhouses for solar drying

We build greenhouses for our sister company Thermo-System Industrie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH in which the optimal conditions are created for the successful drying of a wide variety of sewage sludge, fermentation residue and other substrates. We build the shell over their facilities all over the world.

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