New rooftop farm in Brussels.

Abattoir Urban Farm
Brüssel (BEL)

Greenhouse Venlo with a 6m eave height 2.400 m²
Venlo with a 6m eave height
2.400 m²

ECF Farmsystems, the Berlin startup company, committed Rabensteiner, in the month of June, 2017, to make a 2,400sqm fruit and vegetable farm on the rooftop of a building in Brussels, after months of negotiating and writing related to planning and coordination. The aquaponics system was made on the roof next to the historic “Abattoir” (slaughterhouse) in the center of Brussels. Half of the surface is on two floors. Several particular difficulties had to be faced during construction due to the position of the building site at a height from the ground of about 10m at the center of a quite vibrant urban area. The L shaped glass structure will undoubtedly be in the future an architectonic reference for the neighborhood of Anderlecht.

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